My next motorcycle roadtrip will be unforgettable.

Experience the joy of motorcycling in Québec and lose yourself in an environment where nature is omnipresent. Remarkable for its history and its culture, Québec has many activities and events to offer throughout the year.

How can I plan my motorcycle trip in Québec?

Québec circuit
and route map

Discover our interactive map containing all the circuits and routes to find the most beautiful roads for motorcycling in Québec.

See all circuits on the map
See all circuits
on the map

Motorcycling Québec special resources
Motocycling in Québec

Looking for a road guide to prepare for your next road trip in Québec? Discover the many resources offered by Motorcycling Québec to make sure you don’t miss anything in Québec.

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the regions and their circuits

Every great roadtrip starts with choosing a destination.

Québec is huge! Explore its 14 regions: are you a seashore or mountain type? Are you a winding valley road-hugger and village explorateur, or a big city sidewalk seeker?

The regions
Regions - Step 1 : Choose a destination

Want to explore one of the 14 regions found in Québec? The first step in planning your motorcycling road trip is to select the region to discover all the packages, events or tours offered within it.

Ride along the St. Lawrence River, cruise mountain roads or discover the blueberry kingdom. Your perfect excursion awaits.

Which destination will you choose to travel Québec by motorcycle?

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