The 5 habits to adopt before going on a motorcycle ride on the roads of Quebec

The 5 habits to adopt before going on a motorcycle ride on the roads of Quebec

What's better than discovering the magnificent Quebec landscapes on a motorcycle? Whether you're riding alone or with company, taking off on a two-wheeler requires a minimum of preparation to ensure your safety and comfort.

Discover the 5 habits to adopt before going on a motorcycle ride on the roads of Quebec!

1. Equip your bike for the trip

Going on a motorcycle trip requires a minimum of preparation, especially when it comes to your vehicle. As such, before discovering all the rich cultural heritage that the Quebec region has to offer, you will have to make sure that your two-wheeler has all the equipment needed to mitigate any problems. Plan on bringing an emergency kit including a knife, insulating tape, oil, a chain lubricant and a repair kit. It is also useful to have a cigarette lighter plug with you to recharge your mobile phone so you can contact emergency services if needed.

2. Bring gear adapted to motorcycling

Your safety is paramount when riding a motorcycle. You must be protected from head to toe. Start with a quality helmet and gloves, which should be worn whenever you travel on the road. A leather jacket with protective armor is also recommended to ensure your safety in case of falls.

Beyond your safety, you should bring rainproof gear including a rain jacket, waterproof trousers and thermal underwear that will keep you warm or cool.

3. Luggage on a two-wheeler

Packing all your belongings on a motorcycle trip is never easy. Unlike a car, a two-wheeler offers far fewer options and will further limit the volume of things you can carry.

As such, it is important to take certain precautions so you can safely travel with everything you need. Ideally, you want to position the heavier items close to your vehicle’s center of gravity. This is why tank bags are ideal when driving for several hours. For lighter items, you can prioritize rear compartments and side bags.

4. Mechanical requirements before departure

Certain mechanical elements should obviously be checked before a big trip. However, it is very easy to forget them. Therefore, before leaving, it is essential to check the condition of your tires and adjust them as needed. You should also check the oil level, the condition of your brake pads and even your chain kit. Not to mention the suspension, especially since your luggage will add extra weight.

A thorough check will help you avoid many inconveniences during your ride. Don’t forget!

5. Choosing the right route

All the previous checks would be nothing without choosing a suitable route. Once the checks have been made, you need to choose the route that you will take for your next adventures and the different accommodations  to reserve. Don’t forget to plan your route according to the weather and bring a road map or a GPS to navigate the big cities and locate gas stations. They will be essential for you to reach your destination!

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