Itineraries for One Last Motorcycle Ride in Quebec Before Winter

Itineraries for One Last Motorcycle Ride in Quebec Before Winter

The cold season is fast approaching! Motorcycle lovers must face the facts, they only have a few weeks left to enjoy Quebec's roads before they become unfit to drive.

If you are one of the many motorcycle enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their motorcycle season before it ends, here are a  few suggestions for a final motorcycle ride before winter.

An inspiring journey: the Yamaska River

Motorcyclists who enjoy driving on country roads will be delighted to know that you can travel through the heart of the Montérégie region via a stretch of approximately 200 km from Sorel to Rougemont. This itinerary combines the pleasure of driving with scenic landscapes, especially the section that takes you around Mount Yamaska. The topography of this area offers a spectacular panoramic view, even when the trees are bare.

Even if apple season is already over, you can still make a stopover in Rougemont, where you can enjoy many products made from apples harvested a few weeks earlier in the local orchards. Ciders, juices and pies are just a few examples of local products that will make your mouth water. In short, it is no coincidence that Rougemont is nicknamed the "apple capital".

The Saint-François tour: ideal for a last autumn stroll

Spanning a distance of 96 km, the Saint-François tour consists of a loop that will give you a breathtaking view of the river of the same name. Starting from Drummondville, this itinerary will take you through a multitude of picturesque villages in Centre-du-Québec.

The most food-loving motorcyclists will enjoy a stop in the village of Saint-Germain-de-Grantham, where the famous Lemaire cheesemaker is located. This business owes its reputation to its classic cheese curd, which is particularly delicious in a poutine. So, if the outside temperature is rather cold during your ride, a hearty Lemaire poutine will certainly warm you up!

Moreover, the Centre-du-Québec is considered by many to be the region where this particular dish was born, made up of french fries drizzled with a brown sauce and covered with fresh cheddar cheese curds.

The Deep Water Route: a landscape carved by the passing glaciers

A true vestige of the end of the Ice Age, the Deep Water Route bears its name because of its extremely deep lakes, carved by the passage of glaciers in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. In fact, the water bodies that form part of it are so deep that the water appears black. It is a visual spectacle unique to Quebec that is more than interesting to behold on a motorcycle.

This 217 km route also includes agricultural land and mixed forests. This means that if you ride through it just before winter arrives, you can still see some greenery due to the many conifers that are found alongside the bald deciduous trees in late fall.

The call of the boreal forest and the Saguenay Fjord

The Saguenay  Lac-Saint-Jean region is located at a latitude that makes it largely covered with boreal forest. Mainly composed of conifers, it does not lose any of its greenery as winter approaches. Why not take advantage of a last motorcycle ride to soak up its wild beauty.

Taking a stretch known as the "Formidable", you will also be amazed by the many views from headlands to cliffs that overlook the Saguenay Fjord. Add in the possibility of stopping in picturesque villages that are among the most beautiful in Quebec and you have an itinerary that will not disappoint you.

Even more motorcycle itinerary ideas before winter arrives

For those who plan to extend their motorcycle season to its limit and would like additional itinerary suggestions, visit the Motorcycling Quebec website. You will find a wealth of information and knowledge that will allow you to plan unforgettable motorcycle rides in the "belle province".

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