The 3 most scenic roads in Quebec for motorcycle rides

The 3 most scenic roads in Quebec for motorcycle rides

Motorcycle lovers understand that no other means of transport can truly combine the pleasure of riding and the wonder of breathtaking scenery the way motorcycling can. While Quebec is full of memorable motorcycle excursions, some stand out from the crowd with their unique features.

Take a few moments to discover 3 of the most scenic  roads in the province that will satiate motorcyclists.

The Chemin du Roy: a journey in time on a motorcycle

Taking the Chemin du Roy on a motorcycle is a bit like going back in time to discover picturesque villages whose original buildings were erected by the first settlers. In effect, this bicentennial road contains many traces of Quebec’s rich past. The first useable road in New France, some sections date from as far back as 1737.

Linking Montreal and Quebec along the Saint Lawrence River, the Chemin du Roy, also called Route 138, is dotted with farmland, antique shops, small cafes and ancestral homes.

The views offered by this winding path that crosses regions including Lanaudière and Mauricie are also highly rewarding, allowing you to maintain a constant gaze on the majestic river and the boats that circulate on it.

La Mauricie National Park: freedom and nature

If you are looking for a route that allows you to escape and reconnect with nature, the Mauricie National Park is the perfect option.

Located in the Canadian Shield, in the Laurentian Mountains, this protected area covers no less than 536 square kilometers. It contains a multitude of streams and rivers that, due to rugged terrain, sometimes turn into spectacular waterfalls.

The flora of this area is protected, the forests that cover it are very diverse and represent a prime habitat for a large number of animal species. It is therefore an excursion that will satisfy lovers of nature and motorcycling.

NB: Due to an infrastructure program in 2018 and 2019, you may encounter one or more construction zones or reduced services. Please plan ahead before you travel to avoid inconvenience and consult the web site La Mauricie National Park to see if any road or facility work might impact your trip.

Route 132 in Gaspésie: a one-of-a-kind circuit

Gaspésie is undoubtedly one of the Quebec regions with the most to offer in terms of awe-inspiring landscapes. Its unique geography, characterized by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the Appalachian Mountains and the mythical Percé Rock, is enough to make those who love scenic drives salivate.

Route 132 occupies a large part of the Gaspé Peninsula while displaying all colors imaginable to motorcyclists who use it. National Geographic magazine even made it one of the must-see tours of its "Around the World in 80 Destinations" (National Geographic Traveler 20th anniversary issue, October 2004).

Discover even more motorcycling in Quebec

Although these 3 must-see roads will certainly  satisfy many motorcyclists with a thirst for adventure, they are still only a tiny part of Quebec's road network.

To discover even more interesting routes, don’t hesitate to visit our Motorcycle Guides and Maps. Here you can find useful tips and information to plan memorable rides.

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