Motorcycle Storage: 5 Tips to Limit Winter Damage

Motorcycle Storage: 5 Tips to Limit Winter Damage

Few things can match the pleasure of riding a motorcycle on a beautiful summer's day. But as winter approaches, keep in mind that a motorcycle is certainly not the best way to get around in the snow. This is why most motorcycle owners will store their vehicles during the winter.

To ensure that you can find your bike in the best possible condition and ready to start next spring, here are 5 tips to follow  before storing your bike for the winter.

Changing the oil: an essential precaution to take before storing a motorcycle

Over time, whether you're driving in the green hills of the Montérégie or in the heart of downtown Montreal, engine oil will change from a clean, golden liquid to something that looks like a black, dirty mud. Contaminants in used oil can corrode engine parts and cause serious damage within a few months. To avoid any problems when you take it out for your first spring ride, change the oil and even the filter before storing your vehicle.

Fill up the motorcycle tank before storing it

After filling the fuel tank, add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from deteriorating and leaving a layer of brownish mud on the carburetor parts. Then start your motorcycle and let it run for a few minutes so that the treated fuel can flow through the various mechanical components.

Ensure that all fluids are refilled

If you drive in a place where temperatures are often below zero, such as in the Eeyou Istchee  Baie-James region, don't forget the antifreeze! This will prevent gasoline from solidifying in the engine ducts during intense cold weather.

Also, check the brake, clutch and coolant fluids on your motorcycle, making sure to replace or refill them if necessary. Remember to always use the type and amount of liquid recommended by your motorcycle’s manufacturer.

Prevent the buildup of rust during storage

The metal that makes up several parts of your motorcycle can be sensitive to moisture. If you live in an area near large bodies of water or the sea, such as the Gaspé Peninsula, your bike will be prone to rust if you don't take enough precautions to prevent it. In this sense, a wash, followed by a complete drying and wax treatment will help you prevent corrosion of the metal parts

Take care of your tires

If you have the necessary equipment to store your motorcycle with the tires not touching the ground, this is certainly the ideal solution. Indeed, removing the weight from your wheels is the ideal way to avoid uneven wear.

If you can't do this, fill your tires to the maximum recommended volume, place your vehicle on its center stand and rotate the front tire once a week to prevent it from becoming irregular.

In conclusion

If you follow these tips when storing your  motorcycle, there is no doubt that it will be ready to start when the snow starts to melt!

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