Motorcycle tourism in Quebec: is it better to plan your stay?

Motorcycle tourism in Quebec: is it better to plan your stay?

Hitting the road on a motorcycle is a genuine pleasure, a carefree sense of freedom quickly washes over us. Two-wheelers are a passion for many people in Quebec. When it comes to combining your passion with travel, what more can you ask for?

For your motorcycle tour to be perfect, it is important to plan your trip, especially if it will extend over several days. Routes, tourist stops, accommodations and planned activities can turn a simple motorcycle outing into a true discovery of Quebec.

Plan your route and discover the most beautiful roads in Quebec

Whether your itinerary is determined at the destination or you have a more or less clear idea, the main thing is that you have one. Traveling by motorcycle requires refueling with gas, finding a safe place to park your two-wheelers and being able to stop for rest.

As such, before leaving, it is best to know the number of kilometers between each spot you want to visit and the gas stations and rest areas available along the way. Not to mention that your itinerary must be consistent with the number of days planned for your trip and the distance you can cover in a day.

Moreover, Quebec’s scenic roads are a treat to ride  on a motorcycle, like Route 132 in Gaspesie so you can easily find what your heart desires without leaving the region.

Make sure to get accommodation

Once the route is more or less planned, you should find your various accommodations to avoid being taken by surprise and finding yourself without any place to sleep. Spending the night in your car might be a solution, but this obviously isn’t possible on a motorcycle. Hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts are all possibilities to be accommodated at any price range or any time.

It is best to book your accommodation before leaving so you can travel with peace of mind. Moreover, spending a night at the must-see pearl of the Fjord in Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean is highly recommended if you want to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. 

Check the weather

The weather is an element you should never neglect when doing motorcycle tourism. It is therefore strongly recommended to watch the weather and plan your stay accordingly. To prepare for the unexpected, it is best is to keep equipment for rain and cold in your bag, such as thermal clothing, turtlenecks and over-boots.

In addition to weather, it is essential to travel with protective equipment at all times: a jacket, gloves, certified helmet, boots and tailored pants. Safety  must be your priority on a motorcycle, no matter the weather and the trip you decide to take.

Speaking of weather, enjoy the summer by taking a tour of Notre-Dame-du-Nord in Abitibi-Témiscamingue to see the famous truck rodeo!

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