Quebec's breathtaking landscapes in the fall: three places to visit during the autumn season

Quebec's breathtaking landscapes in the fall: three places to visit during the autumn season

Fall is a season often appreciated by motorcyclists for its ideal weather conditions, as well as for the breathtaking autumn landscapes it offers along Quebec's roads.

Indeed, during this period, the trees reveal their most beautiful shades of foliage to the delight of our eyes. These colour changes usually appear at the beginning of October and last only for a very short time. To make sure you don't miss any of this colourful spectacle, we have identified three magnificent places in Quebec to visit by motorcycle during the fall season.

The spectacular landscapes of Grands-Jardins National Park in the fall

Located in the Charlevoix region, Grands-Jardins National Park is a 100-km route crossed by Route 381, a must for two-wheel enthusiasts. Also known as the Mountain Route, it offers breathtaking scenery, especially during the fall season. You will discover huge mountains lined with colourful trees that offer a unique sight for motorcyclists.

Murdochville, a mining town adorned by autumn

It is no secret that Gaspésie is a region known for its splendid nature. However, many places remain unknown to Gaspesian tourists. Among them is the mining town of Murdochville, accessible by the mystical Route 132 that surrounds the entire Gaspé Peninsula. This fall season motorcycle trip offers stunning scenery consisting of a vast stretch of mountainous terrain. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the mixture of orange and red hues hidden among the many different types of trees.

Lake Timiskaming: a must-see on motorcycle this fall

Lake Timiskaming is definitely a stopover to plan if you want to visit the Abitibi region by motorcycle this fall. Route 391, which leads to it, is considered to be the most beautiful in the region, especially in the fall season. In addition to providing great driving comfort, it offers gorgeous and colourful landscapes. The farmland will never cease to impress you right up to the final treat: Lake Timiskaming. A large expanse of water as far as the eye can see, this lake is surrounded by an abundance of trees, worthy of a postcard landscape. For those who want to stretch their legs, you can enjoy the pleasure of these fantastic panoramas offered by Quebec in the fall by hiking around the lake.

Must-see places to visit by motorcycle in autumn

The province of Quebec therefore offers magnificent landscapes to discover by motorcycle during the fall season. To make sure you don't miss anything in this orange nature and never run out of ideas for excursions, don't hesitate to browse the various circuits  in the province of Quebec. You will find a wealth of memorable rides to take and useful information to plan your next two-wheeled trip!

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