The Water Ways: the Outaouais from east to west!

The Water Ways: the Outaouais from east to west!

You are probably familiar with Québec's tourist routes: Chemin du Roy, the Wine Route, the Navigators' Route, the Whale Route and so on. Well the Outaouais now has its own, with the Water Ways!

We are proud to present a tourist route that crosses the region from east to west, from Papineau to Pontiac, via the Collines-de-l'Outaouais and Gatineau, along which you will come across 87 attractions, restaurants and accommodations, spread over 278 km! You will discover the soul of the Outaouais and the specificities of each of its areas. You will find a vibrant culture, a very rich gastronomy and terroir, a joie de vivre of Québec with that touch of audaciousness that led the pioneers from the region to explore the Québec Far West that is the Outaouais region, along the longest river in Québec and its main tributaries.

Along the waterways, you will discover the Manoir Papineau National Historic Site, where Louis-Joseph lorded over his “seigneurie”, Old Aylmer, with its Symmes Inn and its marina, where the leaders of 19th century Canada used to meet, the fabulous Laflèche cave, sculpted by the waters during the glacial eras, the imposing Coulonge falls, their majestic canyon and the wooden chute built by Georges Bryson, to name just a few.

The waterways are the Outaouais in full splendor! For your next stroll in the region, follow the signs with the boater hat!

En-tête : Musée de l'Auberge Symmes © Tourisme Outaouais; 2e photo: Chemins d'eau BelCanto © Tourisme Outaouais

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