These Charlevoix landscapes that inspire

These Charlevoix landscapes that inspire

It is certainly because of its particular relief, presenting the river along the edge of the mountains, and its sunshine worthy of the boreal territories that Charlevoix is so appreciated by artists of all stripes. It was the painters who, in the 20th century, began to pay tribute to these grandiose panoramas. Baie-Saint-Paul is the place where Clarence Gagnon kept coming back, sometimes with other artists, to create many of his paintings showing the reliefs of Charlevoix. To this day, Baie-Saint-Paul vibrates with artistic audacity, thanks to its multitude of galleries and workshops, which attest to the popularity of folk art. The municipality is the city with most art galleries per capita in Canada. The region also inspires writers, composers and performers, who are immediately charmed by the river and the air. We can hear the musicians, who come to recharge there and follow their inspiration.

When you think about it, it is not surprising to find that Charlevoix is one of the regions with the most ecomuseums in Quebec! Nothing better than these facilities to learn more about the local culture and be inspired, whether by Papeterie Saint-Gilles , Moulins de l'Isle-aux-Coudres , Laiterie Charlevoix or the CiderMill at Vergers Pedneault. Jump on your motorcycle and travel Circuit des 7 lieux de Charlevoix , the best way to soak up the traditions of the region.

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