3 unique motorcycle activities to do in Quebec

3 unique motorcycle activities to do in Quebec

Have the urge to visit the beautiful province of Quebec on a motorcycle and enjoy activities that are outside the norm? Here is our selection of three unique activities to do throughout the region of Quebec. The sun is still warm, the sky is still blue and there’s still time to enjoy your two-wheeler amidst the gorgeous landscapes.

Meet the whales in Tadoussac

The Route des Baleines is a must-see in the Côte-Nord region. This area will literally transport you to a land of delightful excess. Travel the 1,250 kilometers of coast between Tadoussac and Blanc-Sablon where you can discover no less than 13 different whale species, including the blue whale. To catch a glimpse up close, there’s nothing better than going on a whale watching boat trip and observing these impressive animals. For the best chance of meeting these mammoths of the sea, it is recommended to venture out between May and October!

Enjoy thrills on the roads of Témiscouata

Looking for thrills? The roads of Témiscouata, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, are made for motorcycle enthusiasts. A naturally charming area that extends as far as the eye can see, you will get the chance to travel the winding roads through huge forests. Three roads are available to you, the Route des Frontières, the Monts Notre-Dame or the Claude-Béchard highway, and they will guarantee you see all the beautiful landscapes and various charms. Don’t forget to rest up in the small enchanting villages that you’ll find on your way. At the end of your day trip, stop by the majestic Lake Témiscouata and relax yourself in front of the sunset’s beauty.

Behold Lake Mistassini

The Eeyou Istchee  Baie-James region has the largest freshwater aquifers in Quebec. To see a real inland sea, Lake Mistassini, 360 km east of James Bay, is the place to visit. It is the largest natural freshwater lake in the province. The lake’s vastness will give you the impression of falling into the void when you look at the horizon. Beyond the lake, this site has a wildlife reserve where the landscapes and the animals that one can encounter are larger-than-life! It is also strongly recommended to spend a night in one of the many campsites provided. Guests can enjoy kayaking on the lake and hiking on the trails in the area.

Discover the rest of the province of Quebec by motorcycle

Quebec is full of places as fascinating as they are grandiose. These three activities are only a tiny part of the attractions you can see.

To discover even more interesting excursions, don’t hesitate to visit our "Explore" section. Here you can find tips and useful information to plan memorable rides.

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